Thailand is serving as a great diversification play in addition to other Asian countries. We have a new Thailand factory we have partnered with to produce rubber drawer sides. Currently they are producing 8 containers a month for us and the plan is to increase this to 12 containers/mo by the end of 2021.

Asia Supply Chain Diversification

Thailand Factory Tour

Drawer Parts

Made in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. UV roll coat finished and sprayed top edges. We would propose cut two types of programs.

The Rubberwood grows on plantations in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia is indigenous to each country, is plentiful in supply, and therefore sustainable. While Rubberwood trees grow they extract latex from the tree to be used for rubber tires, gloves, etc… After approx. 21 years the tree no longer yields latex and they cut it down to then be used for cabinet and furniture parts and then replant new trees.

Dovetail tooling with Rubberwood is the same as is used with Birch because densities are similar.




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