Mexico is a great alternative to Asia supply chain partners and offers some great values.

We started to develop factory partners in Mexico in 2015, and we are very fortunate to have found some great families to do business with.

One is a company 5 hours from the U. S. border making approximately 5 to 7 trucks per month for us now of unfinished cabinet doors, drawer fronts and face frames made from Beech and Soft Maple. Any USA hardwood is available to us from their factory considering their proximity to the border.

We have two factories that are finishing on a basic level and we are working with them to develop a level of quality USA companies need with color spectrometers, color rooms, and gloss meters.

Shorter lead times and competitive prices make this factory a great supply chain partner for cabinet doors, drawer fronts and face frames.




Below is a rubberwood plantation in Mexico.

We will have rubberwood drawer parts from Mexico in 2023.

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