Have you considered Russian Birch as an alternative to the Maple or other hardwood you are overpaying for?
We have a solution. Why not convert to one of the most available species on earth, Russian Birch.

Birch moulded into face frame, door rail and other components is approximately 30%-40% less expensive than Maple.

It can be ordered with all sap, or with as much natural heartwood as you can allow. The more heartwood you allow the cheaper the price.
We can monitor the level and color of heartwood according to your preference by working together to develop a color board for the factory to reference when making your product.

Domestic and foreign-sourced drawer parts have been a specialty of ours for 30 years.

Russian Birch is one of the most available species in the world and extremely under-utilized.
In Russia, although there is a tremendous amount of Birch, the Birch tree is hardly used.
The Russians favor Pine instead and rarely use Birch for their own homes.
So, considering how large Russia is, there is a tremendous amount of underutilized Birch.

Birch’s most common use in the USA would be for kitchen cabinet face frames, door rail, and drawer parts.
Getting the supply chain going from Russia can take 100-150 days and freight is a bit tight now, but when freight issues correct themselves by the end of 2021 you could be receiving loads of competitively priced Birch.

We started going to Russia in 2017 and have found it to have huge potential. We have a Russian partner who understands the wood business very well, has a team to help us to develop and qualify factories and helps with any cultural divide between the USA and Russia.

Russia has a huge amount of available timber in Birch and Aspen.

All wood is legally harvested and much of it is FSC certified as Russian factories are required to maintain very detailed documentation regarding the wood they harvest from the government-sanctioned concessions.

Russian Factory; All FSC Certified Wood