Code of Conduct

Our organization holds itself to the highest standards of integrity, respect, and responsibility. This page serves as a guide that outlines the principles and behaviors that guide our interactions, decisions, and collaborations.


Specified Components Company (SCC) wants to iterate the importance of maintaining the highest ethical standards in our interactions and collaborations. We consider your adherence to the SCC Code of Conduct pivotal in upholding our shared commitment to integrity and fairness.

SCC requires the utmost attention to the prevention of bribery or any unethical practices. As you are aware, our company operates with a zero-tolerance policy towards bribes, kickbacks, or any form of corrupt practices. This policy extends to all aspects of our operations, including quality control (QC).

Key Principles

  1. Integrity and Transparency: SCC expects our suppliers to conduct all quality control processes with integrity and transparency. Any attempt to influence or manipulate the quality control outcomes through bribes or other illicit means is strictly prohibited. We rely on the accuracy and reliability of QC procedures to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products to our customers.
  2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: It is imperative that SCC suppliers fully comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to supply chain practices. This includes ensuring that all traceability records reporting is conducted ethically, following established protocols and guidelines, and avoiding any improper or illegal practices.
  3. Reporting Suspected Violations: SCC encourages an open and honest reporting environment. If any supplier or employee becomes aware of any suspected violation or unethical behavior related to quality control or any other aspect of our business, it is their responsibility to promptly report such concerns to the designated authorities within our organization.
  4. Partnership for Continuous Improvement: SCC believes in fostering a collaborative relationship with our suppliers. We are committed to working together to continuously improve quality control processes, identify areas for enhancement, and share best practices. By maintaining open lines of communication, we can address any challenges proactively and ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance.

By upholding these principles and demonstrating your commitment to ethical practices, we can strengthen our partnership and collectively deliver the best possible products to our customers.

We appreciate your ongoing support and adherence to the SCC Code of Conduct.

Should you have any questions or require any further clarification regarding our expectations or policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We value our relationship with you and are here to assist in any way we can.

If you become aware of or notice violations of any aspect of this Code or the policies of SCC, or of laws and regulations applicable to the company, please use one of the below channels to confidentially make a report:

Contact Information

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our expectations or policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us:

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued collaboration.

Best regards,
Tim Dunn
President – Specified Components Company

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