Birch products from Vietnam under scrutiny by USA customs

Oct 20, 2020 | 0 comments

If you are importing anything made from Birch from Vietnam please be advised that USA customs will be verifying the legality of the Birch per the below. We have been importing Birch drawer parts, face frames and Lazy Susans from Russia and can help you diversify your supply chain;

“Customs tightens the source of imported birch wood material 08/10/2020 18:01 GMT + 7

TTO – The General Department of Customs has just issued a written request to the Customs Departments of the provinces and cities to direct the customs departments to closely check the birch material imported from China, Russia, and Ukraine.

The General Department of Customs asked the Customs to check the origin of birch material imported from China, Russia, and Ukraine – Photo: CTV

Specifically, the General Department of Customs asked the customs authorities to increase the decimal information, understand the situation of the import of birch wood from markets such as China, Russia, Ukraine. to make up the current, block block, the process of the smuggling, manage the origin of imported wood, especially enterprises that import wood from Russia, Ukraine, and China to produce export goods.

In addition, the customs office must inspect and supervise the goods at the checkpoint; If detecting non-origin goods or having doubts about the quantity, type, quality, origin of goods, physical inspection at the checkpoint, and transfer information to the registered customs sub-department. Declaration for handling according to regulations.

In case it is discovered that the enterprise is violating the law, the tax magazine or the imported goods has doubts about the value, quantity, type, origin, set the standard and put in the group with high risk of high pressure. appropriate measures of inspection, supervision, inspection, concurrent inspection, and post-examination of information are used to assess the legal compliance of enterprises.

In addition, the units coordinate and share information with functions such as police, border guards, and management schools in the fight against the risk of importing illegal timber and smuggling into domestic schools.

The reason for this request, the General Department of Customs said that from the direction of the Government in the official dispatch No. 5768 / VPCP-KTTH dated July 15, the organization Forest Trend warning some Vietnamese enterprises will have to be face to risk in stream illegally provides data from Russia and Ukraine that is mainly imported via China.“