About Us, Our model & Market

Oct 20, 2020 | 0 comments

I began supplying solid wood components to the cabinet industry in 1983. Since then, that has been my specialty; cabinet doors, drawer fronts, face frames, drawer parts, mouldings, edge-glued panels, etc… At SCC we are professionals of the USA, off & nearshore supply chain, QC, and logistics of wood components to the cabinet industry.

Depending upon our customer’s needs we import from a diversified group of countries(see our pie chart show the % we import from each country); Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and we are constantly working with new factories in new countries.

Just a few years ago a buyer could board a plane and head to China for 7-10 days, visit 5 suppliers in one country and fly home.

Since the China duties/tariffs were imposed many factories have relocated to Vietnam, however, Vietnam may not be a good long-term solution either due to the USA recently beginning an investigation into illegal trade practices and currency manipulation of Vietnam( see my blog on this subject).

So you need to remain diversified with your supply chain. Not just different factories, but also different countries.

Life is more complicated as you still need to buy your components competitively as you may have been from China but now you need to potentially travel to and deal with several different countries, which is far less desirable.

Now your trip to Asia will include several countries and at least 10 or more days…may be many more if you are only going once or twice a year. China was easy compared to this(I bet you never thought traveling to China would have been easy compared to anything!)

This is where SCC comes in. We have employees trained in wood components manufacturing and QC in Vietnam, China, and Thailand. When the Coronavirus is over they will freely roam Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc…). We also have staff in Russia doing the same. We manage the QC for our Canadian and Mexico factory partners from the US now as they are close enough to handle.

Let us help you determine the best supply chain solution for you and do all the legwork of QC and factory qualification while keeping you informed along the way.